My name is Andrés Soto, I am the founder of VGOScore. A platform for sharing Videogame sheet music for symphony orchestra. The main aim of VGOScore is to take these wonderful compositions to the concert halls through the free publication of scores on the website.
The main way to diffusion is through videos on YouTube showing the scores and listening exactly what is written to have a reference of the composition.

All the scores contained in this website are arrangements / transcriptions or versions of videogames’s soundtracks, which are shared non-profit and with the sole purpose of conducting didactic and educational concerts for the players’s community and general public.

About me, I currently live in Barcelona, ​​I am a freelance composer, orchestrator and arranger for various audiovisual media, ads, television, short films, etc. I am also an orchestration teacher and orchestra conductor, I have conducted several orchestras Amateur and Semiprofesional.

VGOScore has opened a way that until now was very scarce, being able to access professional arrangements(most of them written by me) of video game music. Thanks to this platform, various orchestras around the world have been able to perform video game music concerts or add them to their seasons.

I recently opened a patreon, in which I upload the editable files of the scores and other resources. The price is relatively cheap compared to scores that are currently sold in specialized platforms, but maybe a bit expensive for the normal user, since the rewards are intended for groups that really can give a useful use to these arrangements. Everything that I gain in patreon, will allow me to dedicate more time to this project and others related, since to make these videos and arrangements takes a long time and it is really something that I am personally passionate it.

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Andrés Soto

VGOScore Founder