Videogame Music Covers for Symphony Orchestra

Listen and watch the score of orchestrated videogame music. Videogame music is one of the most exciting areas of contemporary music and it motivates new generations to attend concert halls to listen to a symphony orchestra.



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 14 reviews
by Giovan P. on VGOScore

Your compositions are very good, you have a lot of talent.
From France!

by Angela Sawmah on VGOScore

Thank you for sharing, you are a great musician.

by N DKGO on VGOScore

Very interesting

by impooser on VGOScore

Super! Very high quality work and the community really appreciates that the composer shares the scores online. Thanks!

by Vincent on VGOScore

It sounds amazing and I love that the sheet music is free

by Bryor on VGOScore

I love your work but I’m having trouble downloading the sheet music

by Frost Mourne on VGOScore

Im so glad I found this site, all these scores are amazing and super impressive. Keep up the good work man.

by Juan Camilo Trujillo on VGOScore

Excelente pagina Andres soto... es una gran oportunidad para demostrar el talento musical y de composicion asi igual dar a vista arreglos tan explendidos como los que usted hace.... Gracias

by Gearmo on VGOScore

Love what you guys do!

by Andres on VGOScore

Amazing work! Thank you for sharing!

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