Do you make arrangements or transcripts on request?

Yes of course. Currently I work composing and orchestrating orchestral pieces for ads, television and short films (in the future I hope to compose for video games).
I have received several proposals for work through this website, from orchestras that wanted arrangements for their next concert to composers who wanted to listen their compositions with virtual instruments. The purpose of this website is basically for fun but I am happy to hear professional proposals.


Can you make versions for concert band?

These works are exclusively for symphony orchestras. The priority of the arrangements on this web is that they must have Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Contrabass) and then according to the adaptation we add Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Choir, etc …
Making a Band version eliminates the Strings that is my main thing.
It also takes me a lot of time to do these scores. To make versions for concert band would have to dedicate twice as much time and that at the moment is impossible.
Even if someone wants to make a band version, can get the XML and Finale(.musx) editable file of the score on my Patreon.


What software used to make the videos?

I will describe the whole process:

1.- I Write the score with “Finale 25” using “Garritan Personal Orchestra” as sound refference. I think Finale is the most complete music notation software that’s currently.

2.- Export the score in midi file.

3.- I open the midi file with “Cubase” and assigned to each instrument sounds from the libraries of  “Cinesample” using “Kontakt 5”.

4.- I work in Cubase to try to have the most realistic performance in each instrument.

5.- Export in wav each instrument track.

6.- I open the wav’s files in “Pro Tools” and work the mix as if he had recorded each instrument in a study.

7.- I make a final mastering and audio is ready.

8.- For the video I play the score with “Finale” and make a video capture of the desktop with “Nvidia’s Shadowplay”.

9.- I edit the  Video and add audio with “Adobe Premiere Pro CC”

10.- Upload the finished video on YouTube.

I’ll make a video tutorial explaining all this.


Will I have legal problems for playing these arrangements?

It is 100% safe to play these arrangements:

1.- If it’s a free concert.

2.- If it is a concert for profit (charge entrance), we must justify that the money has been to pay for realization expenses and if possible through a non-profit organization.

3.- If it is a for-profit concert (charge entrance), such as a fundraiser, it must be donated to a non-profit organization.

4.- If it is for educational purposes or musical analysis.

All the scores distributed on this website are versions of videogame music, “it’s not the official scores” and therefore do not need a license to be played if a case like the previous ones is presented. But for your safety and ethics you can request a performance license through ascap.com or harryfox.com they will kindly tell you the steps to follow.

On the other hand, should never be used:

1.- If it’s a concert for profit.

2.- If recordings are made for profit

3.- If money is received for these scores (they are freely distributed)